Who is wwe edge dating 2016

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For years, the belief was that “The Deadman” was born on March 24, 1962, since (Internet Movie Database) had it listed as his date of birth.

Two pieces of evidence, however, confirm that he was legitimately born in 1965.

24 will be the 13th installment in the event's illustrious history, and with what's on tap between Brock Lesnar vs. Granted, some cards were superior to others, but the event has typically been consistently entertaining. This year's installment should be no different given the card, though the bar for quality No Mercy shows has been set fairly high by past events.

Almost every No Mercy dating back to its inception in 1999 has had something special to offer.

The former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion is more than willing to put her relationship with the legendary grappler on display through Instagram and Twitter.

Easily verifiable details, such as his age, have been the subject of controversy over the years.With No Mercy 2017 quickly approaching, let's look back at the rich history of the pay-per-view and attempt to rank every card from worst to best based on each installment's overall entertainment value, how—and if— it's remembered, star power, aftermath and more.Between Raw's stacked roster and Smack Down's hot streak of stellar shows, No Mercy 2002 had all the tools necessary to be one of the year's most entertaining events.Sure enough, it was successful in setting the stage for the future of both brands. A WWE pay-per-view featuring two women's matches was almost unheard of back then, and Rob Van Dam and Ric Flair had a fine undercard encounter. Kane was by no means a match-of-the-year contender, but it was historic in that The Game unified the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships with his win.While Booker T and Goldust were still attempting to find common ground as a tag team, the opening match with Chris Jericho and Christian was decent. In the final of the WWE Tag Team Championships tournament, Edge and Rey Mysterio created magic with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, producing a phenomenal tag team matchup.

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