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Tubing is one thing and old fashioned sledding is another.

If sliding on a plastic saucer is your idea of downhill fun, the best sledding hills in America have plenty of snowy slopes to navigate with the aid of gravity.

Safety wear protects you from a range of different hazards during work.

Similarly, it increases your morale and performance.

E teacher at home, she hoped she would be okay:'I knew how to shoot with a bow and arrow at a target, which I knew would be useful.'What I didn't know is how much more difficult it is to shoot at something moving,' she laughed.

* According to Miriam Lancewood, the pair would wake up around the time when the sun rose, before heading out to find firewood.* They would then light the fire and make cups of tea and toast with bread they had made the day before.* Obviously, they had no sense of time - they merely followed the sunlight - but after breakfast, they might go exploring or for a walk.* The couple would later head back to their tent and go hunting in the afternoon and early evening.* They would sit around the fire and have dinner once it got dark, going to bed possibly one hour later.'We were totally dependent on the weather, we didn't know what time it was at any point,' Ms Lancewood said.'We got up when the sun rose and went to sleep when it went down.

She had been a vegetarian for most of her life before that, but realised that she would have to hunt in order to stay warm.

The 33-year-old later shot and killed her first goat with her bow and arrow.'I remember thinking "this is terrible" at the time, and crying, but later I also felt very proud of myself,' she said.

We knew we needed to hunt to get warm in our bodies.'Ms Lancewood caught her first animal - a possum - that year.Diamond Level Membership is our way of making sure that the ideal Expert Authors stand out. It represents an author who: To discover more about Diamond Level Membership, and all of the other membership levels at Ezine Articles, click here. However, for Miriam Lancewood, life without all of these things and more is perfect.The 33-year-old, who is originally from Wehl in Holland, has spent the past seven years living 'off grid' with her New Zealand-born husband Peter, 63, in the New Zealand wilderness.

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