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Worth the Wait is a new abstinence-only-until marriage version of this program. This curriculum helps children in grades K through three form healthy attitudes about sexuality.

Parents, peers, schools, religion, the media, friends, and partners all influence the way people learn about sexuality.

It is designed to supplement an existing curriculum.

This is a component of Girls Incorporated’s Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy program.

The curricula cover such subjects as puberty, sexual health and hygiene, reproductive systems, pregnancy, contraception, abstinence, HIV/AIDS, STDs, sexual exploitation, and lifelong sexuality.

The curricula include: grades 5-6 (15 lessons); grades 7-8 (20 lessons); grades 9-10 (30 lessons); grades 11-12 (18 lessons), and special education (28 lessons). Grades 5-6: 1985, ; grades 7-8: 1986, ; grades 9-10: 1988, ; grades 11-12: 1992, ; special education: 1991, ; Seattle-King County Department of Public Health, Health Education Materials Sales; 400 Yesler Way, 3rd Floor, Seattle, WA 98104; Phone: 206/296-4902; Fax: 206/205-5281.

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