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That's my background."• Her unusual first job: "My real first job was to sell croissants on a boat with a girlfriend of mine.

She was blonde and we had adventures."• On growing up with her sister: "When she was 13, she became the most beautiful girl ever. We're best friends now, but that was a tough moment."• Her mom also loved fashion: "She always dressed in Mugler and was a fantastic creature.

That's what I was wondering, I can't find any mention of a divorce online, and it seems he was still talking about his wife just months ago.

I'm curious because of a blog post I was reading yesterday about them.

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The conversation was enchanting and lively—an informal retelling of Garance's grassroots and the evolution of her work in the art and fashion world.Today, on her newly revamped site, Garance took some time out to publicize Scott's new book as well as reveal 12 facts you many not have known about The Sartorialist. So, if a photographer asks him to smile in a photo, he asks the photographer to tell him something funny. Then he smiles at me, and heads out to shoot." Sweet, sweet Garance. he doesn't hesitate to call things like he sees them. Sometimes, it comes back to bite him, and you can see it hurts him deep down.I don't think anyone understands." • The evolution of her personal style: "In Marseille, I was the best dressed girl around. It was a disaster."• Fashion by the numbers: "I have one closet of grey knits. Garance Doré and Scott Schuman's relationship is one of fashion's most precious modern-day love stories, and we should expect Garance to bare her claws whenever the media starts jumping on him for one reason or another (or another, or another, or another). He likes Victoria Beckham, but not because of their shared love of peplum dresses (for her, to wear; for him, to shoot): "He can't fake [a] smile. I tell him that's just how it is, that he is how he is.

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