Non dating in oceania origin of dating

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Although the Lapitas populated these sun-drenched islands by 1100 B. and left behind tattooing tools and pottery fragments that broadly resemble tattooing designs, it would be another eight hundred years before their descendants colonized other parts of Oceania, including the Marquesas (100 B. Of course, the great distances separating many of the island chains and peoples of Oceania tended to isolate them from each other, although there were occasionally contacts. They traveled immense distances, sometimes over two thousands miles of ocean without landfall, navigating by the stars and without the aid of instruments. Down through the millennia, these “Vikings of the Pacific” made the ocean realm of what is the Pacific their own.

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It was brought to earth by Lewoj and Lanij, the two sons of the Creator god Lowa who shaped and named the islands and moved them into the ocean.

Some designs started with the hands first (puberty) and worked up to the forearms (marriageability), then the legs (maturity).'” “I talked to one woman with a public tattoo who was in her eighties, and asked why her tattoo was so dark. I asked why, and she pulled my hand to feel her belly and it was very hard, children, and the tattoo had supported her lower [abdomen] and kept it from sagging, like a keloid girdle.

She was very proud of it.'” In Fiji and especially on Viti Levu, women also wore vulvic tattoos under their ‘) writing at the turn of the 20th century, the women who performed the painful rite were specifically referred to as ‘wise women.’ One was a kind of healer and her counterpart was the ‘expert tattooer.’ The rite was performed in the secret recesses of the forest, and young women were usually tattooed after they had reached puberty and before they were married.

The fine blackwork matched the darkness of the sea and the feathers of seabirds like the black noddy and frigate.

Intricate curving lines mimicked the striped patterns of the Regal Angelfish (), and many other motifs like ‘mast,’ ‘canoe,’ ‘clouds,’ and ‘ocean swells’ related to the seafaring nature of these Argonauts of the western Pacific.

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