Milo dating hayden

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Since finding out, the two have gotten closer and are starting to like each other.When Elizabeth initially arrived in Port Charles, she was a rebel, who soon developed a crush on Lucky Spencer, but Lucky had a crush on her sister, Sarah, who had a crush on Lucky's brother, Nikolas.Elizabeth was surprised when Lucky suggested she attend an art school in New York City.She was hesitant, until Lucky promised that he would go to New York with her.It was Lucky who became a pillar of support and helped her in her quest to find the identity of her rapist.

However, despite her sweet nature, She used to be self- destructive and impulsive when it came to love and relationships throughout the years.Elizabeth's life changed forever on the night of the school Valentine's Day dance.Walking through the park on her way home, Elizabeth was attacked from behind by a stranger and violently raped.Lucky surprised Elizabeth when he bought her a new dress and hinted at a big Valentine's Day surprise.When Valentine's Day arrived, Lucky took Elizabeth to a romantic empty church and they vowed to love each other forever.

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