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From our investigations, in comparison with the In The Rooms listings or from other sites listed below, this Google search is not as complete, but does have the advantage of providing the exact physical location, directions about how to get to the meeting and oftentimes ratings and comments about the listed meetings. Some of these general services office websites are listed below.Not that there aren’t any, but it’s rare characteristic for someone to be on this never-ending journey of self-discovery like an addict in recovery is.If they aren’t, it means they’re perfectly fine with they’re defects of character, and I don’t know if I can accept that. It includes Google maps and lookup facilities by time and distance from your personal location.Hopefully, after reading about the suggestion of not dating during your first year of sobriety as well as my personal experience with dating in recovery, you were able to gain a little insight on the subject of dating in recovery.As I sat in meetings listening to the shares of people, I realized how they didn’t have their lives together any more than I did.This is what lured me into the programs of AA and NA, but I started to think of this from a dating aspect as well.

If I’m selfish, self-centered, co-dependent and all of these other things, how can I date someone who still has all of those defects of character?Aside from that, drugs and alcohol also let me be more accepting of who I was on the date with.If they were boring, I had a buzz going on, which allowed me to not care as much. I always thought that addicts were awful people before I understood what addiction actually was.I also feared any normy I took out on a date wouldn’t understand and would think, “Geeze. No thank you.” Later, I realized that many of my fears were only in my head, and that many people were accepting of my sobriety.They tell us that we shouldn’t take anyone’s inventory, but most of us do, and I was just as guilty of it as anyone else.

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