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I made them all put their money on the table in front of me.

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Releases are clustered by artist similarity, and the clusters are then labeled with microgenre associations for those artists.His daughter Hannah married Samuel Gluckstein (1821-1873), who was in business with Barnett Salmon of Salmon & Gluckstein. One of the children of Helena and Barnett Salmon was Alfred Salmon (1868-1928), the great-grandfather of Nigella Lawson.They had several children, including Isidore and Montague Gluckstein, who together with Salmon founded J. Lawson spent some of her childhood in the Welsh village of Higher Kinnerton.She hosted the Food Network's Nigella Feasts in the United States in 2006, followed by a three-part BBC Two series, Nigella's Christmas Kitchen, in the UK, which led to the commissioning of Nigella Express on BBC Two in 2007.Her own cookware range, Living Kitchen, has a value of £7 million, and she has sold more than 3 million cookery books worldwide to date.

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