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With PPC, there’s nothing worse than not knowing what you don’t know.

Inside your Ad Words account, you most likely have short tail and long tail versions of different keywords.

Message match is when the search term matches with the ad, and it’s ideal because achieving it means that Google bolds your ad copy to stand out.

In the split second it takes someone to decide which ad to click, yours becomes instantly more relevant.

With dynamic keyword insertion in place, your PPC funnel could essentially look like this: This trifecta of strategies will make ads more relevant to your leads and will result in increased conversions. SKAGs, ad group level negative keywords and dynamic keyword insertion work together to improve the relevancy of the ads seen by your visitors and give visitors a consistent experience.

As you continue to do this over time, your Quality Scores, click-through rates and average ad positions will start going up because you’re granulating and improving relevancy.

Now that you’ve done your part on the Ad Words side, it’s time to start capturing the traffic on your landing pages. Well, luckily, you may never have to go through that.

Remember the day you created landing pages for every single keyword? With dynamic keyword insertion, you can essentially take any text on the landing page and change it out with what you specify in the URL parameters.

This allows you to create one landing page around a service or product theme and then change the headlines and calls-to-action to fit the keyword that the visitor searched for.

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