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You can google up a list of a a thousand or a million websites with glossaries and wade through them yourself, or you can come to alpha Dictionary and find what you need among our hand-culled lists.

You can search for them on Google and wade through 50 million mostly irrelevant returns or quickly peruse the cream of the crop here at alpha Dictionary.

Use this wealth of information to explore new words, build vocabulary and spelling skills, or ponder the definitions of words you already know.

(E2)(L1) (E2)(L1) (E2)(L1) Das Anzeigen der Seiten des Diktionrs ist allerdings nur im Dj Vu-Format mglich, wozu die entsprechende Software auf dem PC vorhanden sein muss.

The database currently contains over 200,000 dictionary references, and is constantly being added to. search=Etymology "It is often forgotten that (dictionaries) are artificial repositories, put together well after the languages they define.

The roots of language are irrational and of a magical nature." - Jorge Luis Borges, Prologue to "El otro, el mismo." Info about each term includes when the word first begin to appear and how the meaning changed through the xears.

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