Dating show freakout love and dating customs in romania

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Where is his wife Megan Fox having a fling with some woman on the day they were filming? My mother watches the show and she told me she watched Wendy Williams interview Jeff.

My mother was really surprised how nice and very mellow and laid back he was.

It's time to pull the plug on this piece of shit I didn't realize Gage did that much work!!

I don't think its just for the show, I think he is nasty to her regardless.

Gage doesn't like anybody and the guy is super weird.

Last season he had just 4 episodes break the 1 million mark... His appearance is nothing appealing either...those fucking lips are misshapen At one time, he had the highest rated non-housewife show on Bravo, but his popularity has waned in recent years. Trace designed Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's townhouse that was just featured in Architectural Digest, so he must have a very successful design business now. Remember when that crazy gay client slapped the shit out of Trace at a restaurant? He's a sarcastic bitch who reminds me of your average DLer, so his personality is exactly what drew me in.

I attribute it to the show becoming stale, and the addition of his boyfriend Gage, who is very unlikable. He was supposedly playing around, but he clocked poor Trace good. With that said, I fell behind (trying to watch less tv in general) & haven't watched it since Gage joined the show.

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