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For me it was boring, no chemistry between the mean characters, very weird plot that was rather frustrating and cringy than entertaining. Park Bo Young is an acting genius who so well portrays both characters to the point that I genuinely believe that she is possessed. While the premise isn't wholly original, the execution was well done in a way that made character development believable.Watched the first 4 and had enough, finished with watching the last two too, just to at least know the end of the story. But the character of Soon Ae is so annoying and selfish. I don't want to reveal spoilers for people who may want to watch this drama. I was watching this show n I have just finished it super cool and unique, great story line, amazing characters and most of all.and Na Bong Sun's chemistry which made me cry and smile at the same time!! The character of Na Bong Sun is weak, you can see through the comments down below that many people said Chef Kang fall in love with her because of Soon Ae, I can't deny it.Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as an assistant chef.Because of her timid personality and low self-esteem, she doesn't have any friends. Even though he is popular with women, he has yet to get over his ex-girlfriend.

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every and each of memorable moment are with shin soon ae, and suddenly you just can accept that na bong the fact after hearing the grandmother story.. the writer just wanted park bo young end up with jo jung suk.. OMG.....i was really shocked....INDIA craze of korean dramas is increasing day by day.....after completion of my schooling .....i wll definately come to seoul......fighting!!!!! Good job for the cast and the staff :) they really wrap up this drama with a brilliant moral message, it is to love & appreciate all the things around us like we'll die tomorrow. hope the new tv N drama will be as good, if not better. he was so so soooooo adorable in king of high school. Director please give us a good, sweet and satisfying ending! In ep 14 their is a part the chef says he fell in love with a ghost and then says he was in a love triangle with a ghost. The story really had a great shift, after it has been cleared that Chef really likes Bong Sun (even before... Think of it if the ghost is that better for you guys, everytime she possessed Bong Sun and having a good time with Chef, whenever she left Bong Sun body she never talks, i mean she did not even update Bong Sun what did she and Chef do and what did she told Chef now when Bong Sun return to herself she look dumb and stupid to Chef and the rest of not knowing what actually did happened. Chef almost dislike Bong Sun since Soon Ae seducing her to the extent that is no longer appreciated by Chef. She is supposed to make Chef fall inlove with Bong Sun in a way that when she left Chef will like Bong Sun herself not the ghost way. I have been watching this movie and it is quite good. However, there is a question I would like to ask, why the Hangul dialect used in this movie seems different compared to most other Korean dramas? x D chef's gonna end up with bong sun for sure, because soon ae=dead, bong sun=alive...

Still in the early episodes and I'm not liking this so far. I will miss you guys so much, thank you for bringing us the most lovely drama in the century! im sure is gonna be good : D Hehehe - I'm just getting even more excited reading the comments and knowing that there are people out there who feel what I feel when it comes to this drama! but i doubt anything can surpass OMG in my books of best 2015 dramas. i hope he has a scene together with kang ki young, for old times sakes. So although he choose the real Na bong su i think he settled for the tangible person but his real feelings are for the ghost. I knew this would happen...) now it's time to solve the crimes of officer Choi. I'm smelling a happy ending for everyone, Bong Sun and Chef... The contract between the ghost and Bong Sun is she is supposed to make Chef fall inlove with her in a right way, don't you think she did the right thing? and chef originally liked bong sun's personality, remember that he's a fan of bong sun's cooking blog.

I'm sure this will suffer the same fate of 49th Day. (lol I know it's a bit exaggerate, but I can't help it I love this drama so damn much). It's just amazing - I'm so glad I took a chance on this drama! Even though I've watched up until episode 14 - Park Bo-Young is just so great an actress you actually think she's Soon-Ae. Na Bong-Sun should end up with Seo Joon (Hot chef #2 - Corbin I think was his nickname?? I mean lets face the facts most of his special moments are with the ghost. and of course, Soon Ae will soon be happy in heaven too :) Love this drama, it's been awhile since i followed a drama like this. although it's just a blog, but at least they have that going for them right?

And the line the movie love as much as you can while living is an important message the series wants to leave.

This series is on my top list and also PBY my best actress.

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